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On Wednesday 3rd February we held our Arctic Forum. We were delighted that two of our clients who sailed to Svalbard last year were willing to give a presentation of their expeditions. Originally I envisaged a small gathering upstairs in the shop but soon the place reservations came in and we needed to book the wonderful church just over the road. We often use the hall at the back of the church but there was another meeting in there on a totally unrelated subject (maybe not!) so if any of you were confused by the evening then you probably went to the wrong hall! Sorry about dodgy information. The evening kicked of with Gareth Watkins describing his voyage in a 35 ft Halberg Rassy followed by Guillaume Danis describing his attempt at a full circumnavigation of Spitsbergen thwarted by ice. He was sailing a larger Boreal yacht called Boreal. Together they covered a huge range of subjects especially given the time allowed. The second half of the evening was thrown open to the floor for questions which were all tackled in a very informative way. A big thanks to our speakers.
If you missed the event don't worry as we videoed it. We will post it on YouTube in a few days.
I am sure there will be subjects that our audience didn't manage to ask. I know I normally kick myself after talks having failed to ask something on my mind so we have set up an Arthur Beale Arctic Forum! Well Will has set it up as it is technically beyond my skills. So rather than asking questions in private why not share your thoughts on the forum. There will be a short moderating delay with you first post but afterwards the posts will be instant. Who will be the first to try?

I must thank John Phall for the photo. As always I forget to take one! John writes an excellent blog I hope he doesn't mind.

While we were setting up the Arctic Forum we have set up a General Forum, a Ropes and Rigging Forum, and a Classic and Wooden Boats Forum. So if you have a question which you feel could be of interest to others please use the forum rather than emailing us directly.

Thanks, Alasdair

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