Thames Path Flood Alert for London 1522 12th February 2016

We have just received this warning so if you are on your way to Arthur Beale don't forget your wellies!

"The river flow at Teddington Weir is high for this time of year at 200 cubic metres per second and is steady. We anticipate the flows to remain high for the next 3 days. The forecast high tide level at Tower Pier will be 4.50mAOD at 16:30 GMT on 12 Feb 2016 with a high confidence and 4.50mAOD at 04:45 GMT on 13 Feb 2016 with a moderate confidence. Astronomical tide levels are falling. The locations potentially affected by flooding are Custom House (EC3R), Narrow Street (E14), Mayflower and Angel pubs (SE16), Royal Naval College riverfront, the Almshouse Slipway at Crane Street (SE10), Bankside by the Tate Modern (SE1), and Three Mill Island (E3).

08:24 on 12 Feb 2016"

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