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History of the Sea

for every adventure

suppliers to seafarers, wayfarers, vagabonds & explorers for over 500 years

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Sold outSea Fever : The True Adventures that Inspired our Greatest Maritime Authors, from Conrad to Masefield, Melville and Hemingway
Sold outWaypoints : Seascapes and Stories of Scotland's West Coast - Arthur Beale
Sold outSeashaken Houses : A Lighthouse History from Eddystone to Fastnet - Arthur Beale
Sold outTide : The Science and Lore of the Greatest Force on Earth - Arthur Beale
Sold outErebus: The Story of a Ship
Sold outOyster Isles : A Journey Through Britain and Ireland's Oysters
Sold outTough Women Adventure Stories : Stories of Grit, Courage and Determination
Sea Fever : A British Maritime Miscellany
Sold outThe Frayed Atlantic Edge : A Historian's Journey from Shetland to the Channel
Salt On Your Tongue : Women and the Sea - Arthur Beale
Sold outLongitude - Arthur Beale
Longitude by Dava Sobel
Sale price£8.99
Sea People : In Search of the Ancient Navigators of the Pacific - Arthur Beale
Sold outFastnet, Force 10 : The Deadliest Storm in the History of Modern Sailing - Arthur Beale
The Sea : A Cultural History - Arthur Beale
Figureheads : On the Bow of the Ship - Arthur Beale
Vast Expanses : A History of the Oceans - Arthur Beale
The Rise and Fall of British Naval Mastery - Arthur Beale
The Outlaw Ocean - Arthur Beale
The Outlaw Ocean
Sale price£18.99
Pacific - Ocean of the Future - Arthur Beale
Sailing with the Admiral - Arthur Beale
Sailing with the Admiral
Sale price£12.00
Beyond the Northlands - Arthur Beale
Off the Deep End : A History of Madness at Sea


black and white photo of The Southern Party consisting of Ernest Shackleton, Wild, Marshall and Adams aboard 'Nimrod'

Rich Heritage

With a history spanning over five centuries, Arthur Beale is steeped in tradition and expertise. Our craftsmanship and dedication to quality have been trusted by legendary explorers, from early Everest attempts to Polar expeditions led by icons like Sir Ernest Shackleton.

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At Arthur Beale, we hold a deep appreciation for traditional manufacturing techniques and a commitment to sustainability using natural materials. Embracing our heritage, we prioritize craftsmanship and quality, ensuring our products are made to last. By adhering to traditional methods, we honor the legacy of generations past while also minimizing our environmental impact. Our use of natural materials reflects our dedication to sustainability and responsible stewardship of the Earth's resources. Through these practices, we not only preserve traditional craftsmanship but also contribute to a more sustainable future for generations to come.

a historic image of arthur beale at the london boat show

Small Independent Company

By choosing Arthur Beale, you're supporting a rare independent company that's dedicated to preserving its heritage and continuing its legacy for generations to come.

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We believe in investing in high-quality, durable products that are built to last. By choosing well-made items that stand the test of time, we reduce the need for frequent replacements and minimize our environmental footprint.