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We thought it would be fun, and maybe even useful, if there was a place on our website where we can show off pictures of our clients boats. It's early days but we would love to include as many boats as we can with some basic information. Why not send us your favourite picture of your boat?
alasdair (at)

Elizabeth Jane

Motor Yacht: Elizabeth Jane
Type: Helmsman Trawler Sedan
Length: 37 ft
Range: 850 nm
Owner: Tim Kohn

Elizabeth Jane, is moored back in Tim's home city, Seattle, in the northwest United States while he lives in London with his family. Tim says with judicious speeds he can achieve an impressive 850 nm range without refuelling, 

They have cruised to many destinations in British Columbia and the southern Inside Passage (locally known as the 'Salish Sea'). In the attached photo, they are anchored with stern tie (a Salish Sea peculiarity) in Green Bay on Nelson Island, BC. 


Yacht: Sauntress 
Designer: Wright
Length: 28'
Beam: 8'
Draft: 4'10"
Owner: Martin Scannall

Martin Scannall writes:
This is Sauntress at Porto Santo October 2019, now in Mindelo Cape Verde. Bound Tobago. Built in Cardiff Wales in 1913 designed by Wright (of whom I can find nothing  ) 28' by 8' by 4'10", a traditional gaff cutter to which a square sail has been added,  inspired largely by the writings of Claud Worth.  The photograph was taken by the editor of a Russian classic boat magazine anchored nearby, one Sergei, a single hander.

Alasdair writes: Our first square sail in the gallery. I am a huge fan of square sails having enjoyed the experience on Will Stirling's yacht Integrity. Enjoy the crossing!

Ayesha of Huon

Here is the yacht "Ayesha of Huon"
Owned by David Simons
She was designed and built by Athol Walter at Port Huon in southern Tasmania in 1987.
David bought her 24 years ago and sailed her up to the NSW north coast. She is now moored on Pittwater just north of Sydney.

She is 33 feet long, cutter rigged and built of Huon pine planks on laminated Celery Top pine frames.

David says "Maintaining her varnished hull is an act of love...or madness"

Well as David has owned her for 24 years, I reckon it is an act of love!

Sirona III

Boat: Sirona III
Type: Hallberg-Rassy Monsun 31 (Built 1975)
Built By: Olle Enderlein and Christof Rassy (over 900 were built!)
Owner: Stig Eriksson

Stig is the HLR for the Cruising Association covering the West Coast of Sweden. So if you want to find lovely snug places to moor your yacht in this fascinating region - he is your man!


She was designed by Derek Vaughan's father - William Edward Vaughan who built the hull, mahogany clinker on oak in 1967/68. At this time the ‘troubles’ started within Northern Ireland and Derek's parents decided to move to a country village and his father gave up nearly all to do with boat building. Consequently the boat was stored in a large shed and remained unfinished until 2013 when Derek was able to take on the task and finally complete his fathers work. With no plans Derek designed and decided what the final outcome would be. Quite a few people along the way provided much needed and excellent advice (including Arthur Beale's!). Her overall length is 20 feet and 7 foot at the beam. Engine is a Nanni diesel 38HE. All the paint, caulk, varnish and fittings supplied via Arthur Beales. 

A great project and story. Well done Derek!

Sumara of Weymouth

Boat: Sumara of Weymouth
Type: Vertue (Built 1990)
Designer: Jack Laurent Giles (1936)
Builder: Terry Newman, Weymouth
Length: 26ft
Owner: Alasdair Flint

Josephine of Hamble

Boat: Josephine of Hamble
Type: Sparkman & Stephens one-off
(fore-runner of Swan 36)
Designer: Olin Stephens
Builder: Moody's
Length: 35ft 6"
Owner: Martin Brooks


Boat Name: Elethea
Type: Beneteau First 38 1983 Freyers design
Length: 38ft
Owner: Rick Gormley


Builder: J.W.Brooke & Co. Ltd

Type:  Motor Cruiser

Length: 52ft

Beam: 12’6”

Sleeps: 4 guests and 2 crew  

Breda was built in Lowestoft by Brooke’s in 1931. She was originally called Dab II and owned by one Colonel Hardy. When the Colonel discovered that the Royal Navy had commandeered his motor yacht from Haybridge Basin, Essex for use in Operation Dynamo he was not best pleased, not because they had taken his yacht but because he had not had the chance to go along with her.
Captained by Lieutenant R.W. Thompson, she crossed the channel an impressive 3 times in 6 days. On her final return journey, she brought back a load of Dutch soldiers, who had come from Breda in Holland after fighting a gallant rear-guard action westward to Dunkirk, being driven by the weight of the German advance.
When Colonel Hardy was finally reunited with his yacht, he thought it appropriate to rename her Breda in honour of her distinguished war record and in memory of the soldiers she saved on that final voyage. Breda took part in the 2012 Queen Jubilee Pageant on the Thames Breda’s restoration by current owner Alain Lamens started in October 2017 and will be finished by the end of 2020. She will have been completely restored and rebuilt to her original design, except for the internal arrangement. She has been fitted a wet room at the forward, a twin berth cabin, a master cabin with full double and vanity desk, two bars, sally and saloon, guest heads. All original decks were kept, refurbished and re-installed. The restoration was performed by Michael Dennett Boatbuilders and a lot of the electrical work by owner. Alasdair Flint of Arthur Beale installed all steel and rope rigging to secure the 30ft tall mast and singling mast.