Arthur Beale can supply all our ropes finished to your specification. We are happy to incorporate your existing fittings into new ropes. As well as our hand spliced Dog Leads, Mooring Lines and Ditty Bags, we’re expert ropeworkers and can make up special items to order, including but not limited to: Mobility Aid Ropes, Climbing Ropes, Bell Ropes, Throwing Lines, Rope Fenders, Monkeys Fists Door Stops and Parrot Perches. Sadly we are not able to splice ropes not supplied by Arthur Beale as we have found some types of rope to be rather troublesome. Please phone for more details and pricing - 01844 275426 or email
Want to try a bit of splicing yourself? Why not check out our selection of Books on Knots and Ropework.
Barrier and Handrailing Ropes
Hand rail ropes are often finished with a Manrope Knot as shown below. We are happy to do these for you in a wide variety of ropes including Flax Hemp, Artificial Hemp and our coloured Polypropylene Barrier Ropes. We can also end these ropes with a Brass or Chrome Hook for queue management systems, or sometimes clients prefer a hook inserted into their barrier ropes, which is held by a sewn whipping and then an optional Turk’s Head can be added as in the example.
Three and Four Strand Rope Splicing
The most common and also most versatile type of splicing we are asked for is on three strand rope. We splice ropes to suit their final purpose. Lifting ropes are spliced in accordance to the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association recommendations. Ropes can be spliced with or without thimbles and decorative ropes can be finished with special splices to suit the owner's aesthetic taste. We can also add a backsplice to narrowboat mooring lines for added protection and extra weight for throwing.Three Strand Splicing

 Braided Rope Splicing
Splicing braided ropes takes more time and effort than three strand ropes. We can incorporate a wide variety of fittings from our stock into the splice or we are happy to use your fittings. Please note we are only able to carry out braided splicing on ropes supplied by us. If you require an eye on each end of the rope please phone for advice regarding tolerance and minimum lengths.
12 Strand Rope Splicing
These ropes normally have poor knot holding and are considerably weakened by any knot. Splicing is always the preferred option with 12 strand lines such as Dyneema and Technora. They are quick to splice and the results are strong. We can incorporate a wide variety of fittings from our stock into the splice or we are happy to use your fittings.
Whippings and Heatshrinks
Cut lengths of rope will normally be supplied with either heat sealed or taped ends. However ideally they should be finished off with a heatshrink or whipping in Waxed Polyester Twine or Natural Hemp Cord. The sewn whipping will not come loose and is the best choice but a common whipping will suffice for a few seasons. Our Heatshrinks are secured with hot helt glue so they will not shake loose.
Wire Splicing
We are also able to terminate wire ropes with ferrule secured eyes, with or without thimbles, using our talurit machine, or attach any of our range of Swage Terminals using our roll swager.