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suppliers to seafarers, wayfarers, vagabonds & explorers for over 500 years

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Sold outImray Chart C10 Western English Channel Passage Chart Scale 1:375 000
Sold outImray Chart C15 The Solent Scale 1:35 000 WGS 84
Sold outImray Chart C1 Thames Estuary
Imray Folio 2400 West Country Chart Atlas - Arthur Beale
Sold outImray Chart C70 Southern North Sea Passage Chart Scale 1:900 000 WGS84
Imray Chart C59 Bristol Channel Scale 1:115 000 (2015)
Imray Chart C3 Isle of Wight  scale - 1:60 000 scale
Imray Y23 Poole Harbour Scale 1:17 000 WGS84
Sold outImray Chart C65 Crinan to Mallaig and Barra
Sold outImray Chart C7 Falmouth to Isles of Scilly and Trevose Head
Sold outImray Y33 Langstone and Chichester Harbour
Sold outImray Chart C12 Eastern English Channel Passage Chart Scale 1:300 000 WGS 84
Sold outImray Chart M20 : Eastern Mediterranean Scale 1: 2 750 000 WGS84
Sold outImray Chart M10 : Western Mediterranean Scale 1:2 750 000 WGS84
Sold outImray Chart C80 British Isles Scale 1: 1 500 000 WGS84
Sold outImray Chart C66 Mallaig to Rudha Reidh and Outer Hebrides
Imray Chart C62 Irish Sea Scale 1:280 000 WGS84
Sold outImray Chart C9 Beachy Head to Isle of Wight Scale 1: 120 000 WGS 84
Sold outImray Chart C4 Needles Channel to Bill of Portland
Sold outImray Y58 River Fal - Falmouth to Truro
Imray Chart C68 Cape Wrath to Wick and the Orkney Islands Scale 1:160 000 WGS84
Sold outImray Chart C67 North Minch and Isle of Lewis
Sold outImray Chart C29 Harwich to Whitby
Imray Chart C25 Harwich to River Humber and Holland
Sold outImray Chart C23 Fife Ness to Moray Firth Scale 1:250 000 WGS84
Imray Chart C18 Western Approaches to the English Channel & Bay of Biscay Scale 1: 1 000 000 WGS 84
Sold outImray Chart C14 Plymouth Harbour and Rivers scale 1: 20 000 WGS 84
Sold outImray Y7 Thames Estuary South
Imray Folio 2100 Kent and Sussex Coasts Chart Atlas - Arthur Beale
Imray Chart C64 North Channel Scale 1:160 000 WGS84
Sold outImray Chart C8 Dover Strait scale: 1:120 000
Imray Chart C2 The River Thames
Sold outImray Chart C63 Firth of Clyde Scale 1:160 000 WGS84
Sold outImray Chart C61 St George's Channel Scale 1:280 000 WGS84
Sold outImray Chart C60 Gower Peninsula to Cardigan Scale 1:130 000 WGS84
Sold outImray Chart C30 Harwich to Hoek van Holland and Dover Strait
Sold outImray Chart C28 Harwich to Wells-next-the-Sea
Imray Chart C27 Firth of Forth Scale 1:75 000 WGS84
Imray Chart C24 Flamborough Head to Fife Ness
Sold outImray Chart C6 Salcombe to Lizard Point - Arthur Beale
Sold outImray Folio 2500 The Channel Islands and adjacent coast of France Chart Pack
Imray Y12 Rivers Stour and Orwell Scale 1:35 000 WGS84
Sold outImray Y17 River Colne to Blackwater
Sold outImray Y2 Rivers Ore and Alde
Sold outImray Y6 Suffolk and Essex Coasts Scale 1:120 000 WGS84
Sold outImray Y18 The River Medway and Approaches
Sold outImray Folio - North Brittany & Channel Islands
Sold outImray Folio 2000 Suffolk and Essex Chart Atlas - Arthur Beale


black and white photo of The Southern Party consisting of Ernest Shackleton, Wild, Marshall and Adams aboard 'Nimrod'

Rich Heritage

With a history spanning over five centuries, Arthur Beale is steeped in tradition and expertise. Our craftsmanship and dedication to quality have been trusted by legendary explorers, from early Everest attempts to Polar expeditions led by icons like Sir Ernest Shackleton.

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two sheep graze on a green grassy hillside


At Arthur Beale, we hold a deep appreciation for traditional manufacturing techniques and a commitment to sustainability using natural materials. Embracing our heritage, we prioritize craftsmanship and quality, ensuring our products are made to last. By adhering to traditional methods, we honor the legacy of generations past while also minimizing our environmental impact. Our use of natural materials reflects our dedication to sustainability and responsible stewardship of the Earth's resources. Through these practices, we not only preserve traditional craftsmanship but also contribute to a more sustainable future for generations to come.

a historic image of arthur beale at the london boat show

Small Independent Company

By choosing Arthur Beale, you're supporting a rare independent company that's dedicated to preserving its heritage and continuing its legacy for generations to come.

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We believe in investing in high-quality, durable products that are built to last. By choosing well-made items that stand the test of time, we reduce the need for frequent replacements and minimize our environmental footprint.