Oiled Wool Pullovers, Submariner Jumpers, Sailors Roll Necks and why you need one!

They come under many names, but they haven't changed much through the centuries! Oiled Wool Pullovers have been an essential piece of kit for generations of seafarers, adventurers, wayfarers and vagabonds.

Here's why you need an Arthur Beale Oiled Wool Pullover this winter... 

Here's Shackleton (second in from the left) sporting a rather familiar looking roll neck pullover! Back in those days we supplied his ropes and ice axes... now we would also be able to supply him a top quality Arthur Beale Oiled Wool Pullover too...

Our Oiled Wool Beerenberg Pullover is designed to last a lifetime!

High in the Arctic lies the remote Island of Jan Mayen. It is home to Beerenberg, the world’s most Northerly volcano. Outside the freezing wind can howl at 150 knots. But inside it is toasty warm. This Oiled Wool Pullover has been named after the Mighty Beerenberg because it too will keep you warm while the storms rage outside. 

Our Beerenbergs are loved by adventurers all over the world.


Arthur Beale Oiled Wool Pullovers have the following unique features:

✔ It is oiled wool. Oiled wool is a yarn that hasn’t been highly processed or dyed and still contains the natural lanolin oils from the fleece, this gives the pullover the fresh wool smell.

✔ The pullover is made using British Wool, giving it a low carbon footprint and ensuring all materials used in manufacture are of the highest quality.

✔ No bleach or dye has been used - it is completely natural, fully biodegradable and will not the shed the harmful plastic micro fibres associated with artificial fleece. The three colours available come directly from the three different types of sheep's wool used - Ecru, Welsh Grey and Black Welsh Mountain. 

✔ This Beerenberg Roll Neck is a very substantial garment which will keep you warm during the winter yet, because it is so breathable, it can also be worn during a cool summers evening when the sun has gone down.

✔ It features reinforced thumb holes so the sleeves can be pulled over your hands on cold watches.

✔ It will naturally shed off a short shower or spray and still maintains its warmth even if it does get wet.

✔ The pure Welsh Wool used to make this pullover is specially spun for us to our exacting specification.

✔ It is naturally fire resistant. Wool is self-extinguishing unlike many synthetics. That is why it is the chosen material for occupations such as oil rig workers and firefighters.

✔ The underside of the shoulders are heavily reinforced with canvas for extra strength and durability.

✔ This unprocessed wool, doesn’t hold sweat like man-made fibres so it naturally rarely needs laundering as it will stay fresher longer.

✔ Each pullover is individually registered with its very own serial number.

This is a genuine Arthur Beale pullover which has been made with great care to last a very long time.

Of equal merit is our Erebus Boat Neck Pullover

We were often asked if we could produce a boat neck version of the famous Roll Neck Beerenberg Pullover for those who find roll necks a bit itchy. After a lot of testing we launched our Erebus Pullover.

Made from the wool from the hardy Black Welsh Mountain Sheep which is neither bleached or dyed so it retains its wonderful woollen smell. The retained lanolin also repells water and the dark brown colour absorbs the warmth of the sun.

The Black Welsh Mountain Sheep is a rare breed of extremely hardy nature able to withstand winter grazing high on the Black Mountains. The wool is the heaviest possible and is sure to keep you warm.

Each pullover is individually numbered and beautifully labelled in the welt. They have a small identifying red ensign badge on the sleeve. We have designed this pullover so it can be worn either way round, effectively doubling its life!


Why an Arthur Beale Pullover?

Arthur Beale have a totally unique history. We have been in business for at least four hundred years. In those days England was abundant with fields of flax from which we made ropes and twines. Our Alpine Club Rope became world famous and was used on the early Everest attempts by Eric Shipton H.W.Bill Tilman and Tenzing Norgay. We also supplied Polar Explorers such as Sir Ernest Shackleton and Gino Watkins. Today we still supply Arctic Explorers with sailing equipment and clothing. Wool’s unique insulating properties make it the preferred choice of many Polar expeditions.

By buying from Arthur Beale you are helping a rare independent company continue to survive..

You won’t meet many people wearing the same pullover so why not say hello when you do. You may be navigating through Havengore Creek, anchored in a remote fjord in Svalbard or walking in the Brecon Beacons. You’ll have something in common, we are sure of that.

As each pullover is individually numbered we would love to see some pictures of your adventures. Please feel free to send us a photo with your pullover’s serial number and each year we will send a gift to the best one.


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