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Technora 12 Strand

by Liros
£3.86 per metre
Colour: Black
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A modern para-aramid fibre for superlative performance especially when exposed to heat. First commercially available in 1987 it is widely used in a range of industrial applications. Weight for weight it is three times stronger than Nylon or Polyester. It can be used in very harsh environments even subjected to heat. If you have a demanding application such as landing a rover on the surface of Mars then Technora is the material of choice. This aramid fibre rope has excellent tensile strength and fatigue resistance as well as superior resistance to chemicals but it is perhaps its superb resistance to heat degradation that really sets it apart. Technora ropes are chosen as escape ropes by fire fighters and are becoming increasingly popular with theatre riggers. This 12 strand construction is very easy to splice enabling the rigger to make up hauling lines quickly on site. As the rope has virtually no stretch under normal working conditions it is the perfect choice when equipment needs to be accurately positioned such as on motor controlled tracks and hoists.

Main Features
  • Five times stronger than steel (weight for weight)
  • Does not burn or melt
  • Survives brief exposure up to 500°C
  • Extremely low stretch
  • Poor UV resistance
Main Uses
  • Wire Rope replacement
  • Hoist and track control lines
  • Halyards
  • Firefighter escape lines
  • Lines prone to high temperatures.
Breaking Loads
4 mm 713 kg
5 mm 1019 kg
6 mm 2600 kg
8 mm 4000 kg
10 mm 6300 kg