Take a look at the brand new PlanKform!


I think you will love our brand-new trestle design. So handy in the boatyard but they have endless other uses too, and, unlike most trestles, they are very compact to store and easy to transport.

Not just a trestle but a complete work station. Use them for:
  • Rigging Benches – bolt on wire cutters and crimping tools. Drill holes for your fids, add hooks to hang on your palms and knives.
  • Mast storage - the wide surface is gentle on softwood spars and provides somewhere handy to rest your varnish pot.
  • A bench to sit on (long or short).
  • Outboard Motor Storage and Test Bench - using a narrow plank to save space.
  • Sailmakers Sewing Bench. Use it on deck or the pontoon. Perfect width for a sewing machine. Why not make a bench to sit on too!
  • Saw Bench. Wood surface is kind on blades.
  • Dinghy Trestles - using wide planks and short legs like in the picture above. Get the perfect height for painting or varnishing.
  • Ramps. Wheel the sack truck right onto the van. See the video!
  • Hop-up Work Platform. Using a short or long plank to suit your boat.
  • Utilise your scaffold plank fender board to make a shoreside bench. Cruisers like to find two uses for one product.
  • Customise benches to suit tall and short people. Children like to make things too!
Why not watch our short video?


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