Stripy Week - Saturday 8th June until Sunday 16th June
Don't miss this unique opportunity to get something stripy at a real bargain price!
If its got stripes then it will 20% cheaper between 8th and 16th June!

Take this Saint James Levant Short Sleeved Top reduced from £45.00 to just £36.00
And it's not just our fantastic Saint James Breton Tops that are going cheap!

It's anything with stripes!

Yes, flags with stripes too! But don't try crosses, they won't get through.
The Slip-On Yachtmaster Shoes are a bit border line but they do have some stripes on the sides so we'll let them them through too. They were only £11.95 but now just £9.56!
How about saving £19.00 on this genuine Le Tricotuer Stripy Guernsey Sweater for just £76.00!

Come and see what you can find!
Stripy week strarts on Saturday 8th June 2019 and runs to Sunday 16th June 2019.
Only available to real shoppers in our real shop!
...and no, barcodes do not count!

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