Summer has arrived?

We’ve installed our summer window and stocked up on shorts, Breton tops and Tilley hats although I confess last week I was still wearing Expedition Merinos and my Arthur Beale Beerenberg pullover whilst sailing up to Northumbria. Summer might have arrived but those night watches can get mighty chilly!
We have lots of great kit to help you enjoy your boating no matter what kind of boat you have. How about some top-quality compact gear that you can use onboard or ashore?

How about this fantastically useful folding washing up bowl. Why be cooped up down below when you can be scrubbing the potatoes on deck in the pouring rain?

What about these 10 L water carriers. They fold up and take up no space at all. The perfect solution to yachts moored on buoys - take the empty containers in your bag on the train, fill up at a local tap, row out to the boat and top up the tanks. There won't be any massive 10 L solid plastic containers littering the place.
Buy the shower attachment, leave the bag in the sun, and you can take a lovely shower too! (£25.00 each water bag, Shower Valve £3.00)
Sticking to the liquid theme, these Arthur Beale Thermal Mugs are just the thing for the night watch. One cuppa will get you through the whole the watch if you take a sip when you need it. If you are on land, most places offer a discount on their coffee if you bring you own mug. Only once has someone refused to fill it and that was on a LNER train, so I sat out the journey without any coffee. If you are travelling LNER keep pestering them and they will get the point soon. Help save the planet with an Arthur Beale Thermal Mug - just £13.99.

there are loads more goodies to browse through in the shop including the Leatherman Skeletool (List price £89.95 - Arthur Beale price £71.94!), a Titanium Spork for £12.00 or a case with two plastic Sporks for just £6.50. And don't get me started on torches - we have the best torches in town!

See you soon. Open until 19:00 weekdays

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