Tony Curphey - the oldest person the sail solo non-stop around the world!

Tony has arrived back in Hampshire after 30,000 miles of sailing in his 32 ft yacht Nicola Deux (a Nic 32). Apparently he is looking forward to a King Prawn Curry from his local take-away. I confess that after a long sea voyage the desire for a curry was high on my list, coupled with a beer and a shower. Deciding which pleasure to have first is one of the hardest decisions to make. A beer in the shower might be possible but the curry simply wouldn't work.

Tony has accomplished a truly amazing feat. Sailing his modest but sensible yacht through the tough Southern Ocean with no fuss, just good seamanship and planning. Carrying enough supplies for a voyage that long is no mean feat - no wonder he was gasping for a curry!

It was a pleasure to supply Tony with some of our proper sailing gear. Our smock worn over an Arthur Beale Beerenberg Pullover is a great combination to keep out the cold. The tough canvas smock cuts out the wind and the heavy oiled wool pullover will keep you warm (and it makes a comfy pillow).

Well done Tony!!

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