The other day Arthur Beale's supplied a yacht heading to Spitsbergen with a 60 m length of 14 mm diameter Liros Polyester Octoplait Rope together with a Fortress anchor. It was to be used as a kedge anchor or to occasionally supplement the bower in heavy conditions. Polyester doesn't absorb water so it retains full strength when wet - unlike nylon. It flakes down wonderfully into a rope bag so it can be let out without fear of kinking or snagging. Perfect when rowing out in the dinghy to lay the kedge. They will be sailing north at Easter time and in a few months the rope will be securing the yacht in the high Arctic.

At around the same time that we supplied the anchor warp we also showed Giovanni Paolini, from the London College of Fashion various black ropes for a completely different project. He carefully looked at, and felt, the various ropes we could offer and settled for the lovely soft feel of the Liros Octoplait. (you can't feel rope online!). In fact he bought all our stock! Last week he kindly sent us some fantastic photos taken by Daria Belikova of his amazing work. The attractive models aren't just pretty faces, they must be pretty strong too as there is a lot of rope in their dresses which must weigh a fair bit. If they aren't strong now, they soon will be!

So how's that for a versatile rope from glaciated fjords to London runways - just one rope.

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