Worse Things Happen at Sea - Arthur Beale

​On the subject of well-illustrated unusual books – here’s another one that we at Beale’s are happy to include in our collection:. Worse Things Happen at Sea, strictly speaking, isn’t really a book at all – it’s a fold out, double sided, 130cm panoramic spread of beautiful illustrations of mythical maritime creatures, ships and the sea. It would look great on a mantelpiece, but it does come in a very nice cardboard cover with a sea-shanty printed on the inside! The level of detail in the drawings means that you could spend hours poring over them, and still be finding new things. Kellie is a regular customer at Beale’s – he shares our fondness for the Sagas of Noggin the Nog – and the book is drawn and published here in London, and printed in the UK. It’s another one suitable for all – kids will love the detailed drawing – especially those with an interest in the sea.


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