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Article: Emergency Navigation Lights

Emergency Navigation Lights

Emergency Navigation Lights

In the past we have supplied some pretty appalling dross which describes itself as "Emergency Navigation Lights". They remind me of CATNAPs which in certain engineering worlds apparently stands for "Cheapest Available Technology to Narrowly Avoid Prosecution". Pretty much useless items. So when a friend asked me if we could supply some for her yacht I was a bit concerned. She needed to make a daytime passage but if the wind wasn't favourable and she lost the flood then it could end up with an hour or two in the dark. I didn't want to supply the cheap as chips CATNAPS so went on the search for something a bit more serviceable and yo and behold found these little beauties.

They are Norwegian designed and beautifully made emergency LED nav lights with a 2NM range. They come as all round white, or tricolour with two mounting options. The one shown will also take a GoPro (apparently - I haven't tried it yet). If it was mounted on your rail you could get some good sailing shots on your camera by day and have a readily available mounting for your emergency lights by night. A spare bracket could serve as emergency lighting down below and one on the dinghy could make that dodgy row back from the pub after last orders a bit safer.

I am very impressed by them - better safe than sorry.

They can all be found on our online shop

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