Starting to think about painting and varnishing?

Any minute now the sun will come out and you will feel racked with guilt that the tiller is still on the bench in the garage, you haven't planned a weekend to antifoul and you promised that this year you would give those bilges a good going over. Don't worry you're not alone!

You might not think of Arthur Beale as a place to buy your paint and varnish but you could be pleasantly surprised! We have just produced a new Paints and Varnish Catalogue that we hope to release on 23rd February. We have reviewed our stock and our prices and come up with some pretty good deals!

Epifanes Varnish - The choice of most classic yachts Normally £31.96 per litre.
Special 1.2 L Can Just - £28.76!

Coelan Gloss Coating 750 ml List Price £72.32 Arthur Beale Price £46.62!

Seajet Shogun Antifouling 2.5 L List Price £85.24 Arthur Beale Price £74.95!

Flag Cruising Antifouling 2.5 L List Price £40.23 Arthur Beale Price £34.20!

Sikaflex 291i 300 ml cartridge List Price £11.14 Arthur Beale Price £8.93!

Its not just price that is attracting more and more boat owners to Arthur Beale. Our range includes everything you need based on years of practical knowledge. We sell the best abrasives and brushes and superb masking tapes and sundries to make your project go smoothly.

It will all be on the website ready for the the launch 23rd February!

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