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Article: Vendee Globe – Rounding the Horn

Vendee Globe – Rounding the Horn

Vendee Globe – Rounding the Horn

I found this wonderful picture on Google Images - it is credited to Cleo Barnham I do hope she doesn't mind.

It was very embarrassing the other day when a French Journalist asked to interview me about the Vendee Globe. I knew the race had started but I had completely forgotten about it so I declined to be interviewed. It is a shame that the UK newspapers give no coverage to this challenging event especially as Alex Thomson is doing so well. I'm gripped by it now!

The lead boat Banque Populaire V111 skippered by Armel Le Cleac’h is just about to round the dangerous Cape Horn. Once clear of the last headland it is a 7,000 nm run home to France. Alex Thomson in Hugo Boss is 787 nm behind, in second place. That sounds a long way back but he should start to gain ground once he can get onto a starboard tack. One of his foils is damaged so the port tack is slow. There is still a good chance he will catch up. It can be followed on the excellent website To get an idea of the conditions in the Southern Ocean take a look at this video!
Enjoy the race and have a great Christmas!

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