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Zip Clip RIZE

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Zip Clip RIZE Quickly secures your wire ropes, even down to 1 mm wire! Produce your own made to measure wire suspension. Quick and easy installation. Pass one end of the wire through the Zip Clip in the direction of the arrow. Pass the free end of wire through your fixing point. Then pass back at least 150 mm of the wire through the Zip Clip. Push the pins in the opposite direction to the arrows to secure. The 4 mm is able to connect to a fixing point and the suspension with just one Zip Clip.

Wire not included.


Zip Clips must be used with Zip Clip steel wire to meet its guarantee. 1 mm and 2 mm wires come in a very handy dispenser box. 

Working Load Limit:

1 mm - 10 kg

2 mm - 50 kg