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The official flag of the United Kingdom. The Union Jack is primarily a land flag and should not be flown at sea, where a red ensign should be flown instead. These still look great on a wall or in a garden though!

Please note 'Printed' flags are still a physical matterial flag, its just the image isprinted onto the material rather then our 'Sewn' flags which have the pattern stiched on.

Flying notes - the Union Flag is not quite symmetrical and is commonly flown upside down by mistake. The correct orientation is as shown, with the white saltire slightly higher than the red cross of St Patrick on the side of the hoist (the side with the toggle). If fixing to a flat surface like a wall, the hoist should be mounted on the left.

Sewn Flags - Premium quality sewn national flags are manufactured at it’s premises in the United Kingdom. These flags are manufactured to the highest standards using a woven polyester fabric specifically designed for the flag industry and the latest synthetic machining threads. Woven polyester Flag fully sewn. Finished with hems heading rope and toggle

External halyard system

There are internal and external halyard systems. The rope has two ends with the external halyard system. It runs up the outside of the flagpole, at the top it is threaded through the finial and comes out the other side of the finial and runs down the flagpole. This end of the rope is formed into a secure loop – to prevent the toggle from falling out. The other end of the rope will be at the bottom of the flagpole. The flag should be attached to its left hand side with a heading, line and toggle. The toggle denotes the top of the flag and a short length of line or rope comes out of the bottom of the flag heading. You want to create an endless length of halyard. Push the toggle through the loop that was made in the halyard and make sure it is secure.  The other end of the rope at the bottom of the flagpole needs to be tied to the short length of rope coming out of the bottom of the flag.

You can now pull on the halyard to hoist the flag to the top. On the side of the flagpole, there is a cleat for tying off the excess rope. The flag needs to be right at the top and everything is tight and secure.


Approx sizing, a guideline, not exact

1/2 Yard
45cm x 23cm
3/4 Yard
68cm x 34cm
1 Yard
91cm x 45cm
1 & 1/4 Yard
114cm x 56cm
1 & 1/2 Yard
137cm x 68cm
2 Yard
183cm x 91cm
6' x 4'
183cm x 122cm
2 & 1/2 Yard
229cm x 114cm
3 yard
274cm x 137cm

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