Three Strand Manila (Hawser Laid)


Size: 6 mm
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Manila Rope is made from a fairly coarse fibre from the abaca plant. It makes the rope slightly rough to handle and it can give small splinters to soft hands. It is slightly stronger than hemp and more flexible and elastic. It is also very resiliant out doors and unaffected by seawater. It was for this reason that in 1864 the British Alpine Club decided that 10 mm manila hemp weighing about 75 g per metre was the best rope for climbing. This Alpine Club Rope was solely made by Arthur Beale until superseded by Nylon in about 1946.  If using manila rope in a wet environment please be aware it can shrink by around 8-10% while wet. At the same time the diameter swells slightly. It will shrink most the first time it is used. Knots can be quite hard to undo while the rope is wet.


Priced per meter, no minimum order quantity. Ropes can not be returned unless faulty, as they are cut to custom size for order.

Main Features
  • Traditional look
  • Resilient outdoors
  • Generally stronger than flax hemp
  • Lightweight
  • Economical
  • Sinks
  • Coarse on hands
Main Uses
  • Theatre flying lines
  • Traditional working boats
  • Out door handrails and barrier ropes
  • Boat fenders
  • Lawn edging
Breaking Loads
6 mm 275 kg
8 mm 484 kg
10 mm 756 kg
12 mm 1120 kg
14 mm 1440 kg
16 mm 1900 kg
18 mm 2350 kg
20 mm 2910 kg
22 mm 3490 kg
24 mm 4140 kg
32 mm 7380 kg
36 mm 9494 kg
48 mm 14700 kg

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