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Due to a large increase in orders we are taking up to 7 days to dispatch items. Please bear with us. Thank you!
Due to a large increase in orders we are taking up to 7 days to dispatch items.

Rocna Vulcan Anchor

by Rocna
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Vulcan: In the Footsteps of Rocna

The new Vulcan anchor is Rocna’s first major design development since the launch of the highly successful and acclaimed Rocna anchor itself. Following on the success of the Rocna, designer Peter Smith was often approached by customers seeking to experience the exceptional holding power and setting performance of a Rocna, but who had difficulties accommodating the roll-bar design on their bow.

After years of testing and development, Peter has come up with a design that meets the needs of these customers – the Vulcan.

Universal Appeal

The Vulcan is carefully designed to offer the greatest possible compatibility across a wider range of vessel bow configurations, particularly powerboats with a bow pulpit. It brings the security and reliability of the Rocna anchor, highly successful and popular with offshore cruisers and adventurers, to a wider range of boaters who we believe desire improved anchoring performance.

An Inheritance of Genuine Performance

The original Rocna has ”set the bar” for the highest performance and consistency of behavior when put to the test both by a worldwide array of users and in numerous independent tests. This performance is the result of careful design and engineering by Peter, who has again put to work all of his knowledge and experience to develop a variation on the theme of the ultimate anchor. The new Vulcan capitalizes on already finely tuned design elements, infusing many of its elder sibling’s proven performance advantages for an extremely quick and reliable set across a range of seabeds combined with rock solid holding power.

New Solutions for Old Challenges

Breaking from the Rocna design, the Vulcan features a unique combination of shank and fluke geometry – including an innovative roll-palm™(A) at the rear of the fluke – which self-rights the anchor on the seabed without the use of a roll-bar. This is assisted by the V-bulb™ (B) which extends fluke ballast downward to gain maximum leverage and efficiency. This development permits a larger fluke surface area than competing designs which rely on simple dead weight, while the concave fluke (C) is similar in design to the Rocna, directly equating to more holding power and security.

Fit for All Vessels – and their Operators

The omission of a roll-bar along with a carefully designed shank profile (D) ensures a snug fit on the bows of a widely expanded range of vessels. Platforms, bowsprits, prods, stays, and other protrusions are easily cleared with no hassle or inconvenience.

Smooth Bow Interaction & Compatibility

The Vulcan’s shank shape (D) encourages self-launching and self-stowing upon retrieval on the majority of bow rollers, with a liquid smooth action, ensuring ease of use for all operators.

Strength from Sophisticated Design

In addition to the use of high tensile steel, shank strength is optimized by a unique I+V profile™ shank design (E), granting improved resistance to bending courtesy of a computer optimized I-beam geometry. This visually elegant innovation also improves setting performance, with the lower V edge (F) cutting into the seabed and minimizing resistance to a deep and secure burial.

In the Image of the Gods

Embodying the rugged strength and elegant designs of its namesake – the ancient god of fire and metal smithery – the Vulcan is milled from the heritage of the Rocna anchor and the demands of innovation. Formed from high strength steels or stainless steels, and finished with the utmost attention to detail and quality.

Guaranteed for Life

Like the Rocna, each Vulcan anchor comes with a Lifetime Warranty against both breakage and bending in addition to manufacturing defects.

Competitively Priced with Wide Product Range

Vulcan anchors are available in 10 sizes from 4 kg (9 lb) – 55 kg (121 lb) to suit vessels from small runabouts to larger launches. Galvanized and stainless steel options are available in all sizes.

Boat Size
 Anchor Size:
To suit boats from:
4 kg
To suit boats from 4 m long and weighing 2 t up to 7 m and weighing 500 kg. Plus all the less extreme boats inbetween.
6 kg
To suit boats from 5 m long and weighing 5 t up to 9 m and weighing 500 kg. Plus all the less extreme boats inbetween.
9 kg
To suit boats from 6 m long and weighing 7 t (which is pretty heavy for a 6 m boat - it might not even need an anchor!) up to 10 m and weighing 3 t. Plus all the less extreme boats inbetween.
12 kg
To suit boats from 7 m long and weighing 9 t (which is pretty heavy for a 7 m boat - it might not even need an anchor!) up to 12 m and weighing 4 t. Plus all the less extreme boats inbetween.
15 kg
To suit boats from 8 m long and weighing 12 t (which is pretty heavy for a 8 m boat - it might not even need an anchor!) up to 14 m and weighing 4 t. Plus all the less extreme boats inbetween.
20 kg 
To suit boats from 9 m long and weighing 16 t up to 16 m and weighing 3 t. Plus all the less extreme boats inbetween.
25 kg
To suit boats from 10 m long and weighing 22 t up to 18 m and weighing 5 t. Plus all the less extreme boats inbetween.
33 kg 
To suit boats from 12 m long and weighing 30 t up to 22 m and weighing 6 t. Plus all the less extreme boats inbetween.


Arthur Beale says: 

"You deserve a good night's sleep when the wind pipes up. So you don't want to worry about your anchor dragging. Arthur Beale now stock two brilliant yacht anchors and an economical solution for those who only occasionally anchor - such as narrow boats using the tidal Thames.

For your main bower, we highly recommend the Rocna. It bites quickly and digs deeper the more you tug. On a recent Arctic voyage all three skippers independently choose Rocna anchors to safeguard their crew in these totally exposed anchorages where katabatic winds have been recorded at 159 kn. If you want a reliable anchor we believe this is the best available. It is now available in a Vulcan version more suited to bow rollers.

For a kedge, the aluminium Fortress is a great choice. In fact its holding power is one of the most impressive available. They are so light they can easily be tossed in the dinghy and rowed out as a kedge if you find yourself stuck on a sand bank as is my occasional misfortune.

For those who occasionally day anchor or who need one for rare tidal trips in their narrow boats we have an excellent anchoring kit with a Danforth style anchor with a nylon warp or a chain and warp."

Photo of Sumara of Weymouth anchored off the Arctic Island of Jan Mayen using a Rocna anchor.