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Rigging Screws - Closed Body Machined Forks - Stainless Steel

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These "Closed Body Rigging Screws" are sometimes called "Bottle Screws" or "Straining Screws". They are made from marine-grade 316 stainless steel.  The machined fork ends can be attached directly onto small Pad Eyes without the need for extra shackles. They are all fitted with lock nuts. The given lengths are from centre of pin to centre of pin.

Apart from their obvious uses onboard dinghies and small yachts these adjusters are ideal for handrail wires, small tension wires and for display and exhibition purposes. The smooth sleek appearance is less likely to snag on clothing and blends in with modern settings.

To avoid the possibility of stainless threads "cold welding" we recommend applying a smear of lanolin prior the tightening. The rigging screws should be finally secured with their lock nuts once the correct tension has been applied.


If you are considering using wire rope assemblies for land based handrailing purposes, be sure to check with your local authority regarding the regulations. Normally, the maximum width between the wires must not exceed 100 mm — tested with a 100 mm sphere to represent a child’s head. Any horizontal wires should lean inwards to prevent children from climbing the wires. Best to check first!

 Thread Diameter Length Closed Length Open Min. Breaking Load
4 mm 115 mm 175 mm 417 kgf
5 mm 135 mm 190 mm 468 kgf
6 mm 160 mm 230 mm 927 kgf