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Polyform Norway Cylindrical Side Fenders

Colour: White/Blue
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F-series cylindrical fenders have set the standard for heavy duty fenders for close to 60 years. The newest generation are made using Polyform’s unique, patented technology. Highest breaking strength is taken care of by two multiple ribreinforced rock solid ropeholds. Tested for strength and flexibility in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +50°C, these heavy duty fenders feature high abrasive resistance and high energy absorption. The F-series cylindrical fenders are widely used by Coast guard and Navy vessels, Pilot boats, Commercial ships, indeed almost any kind of boat afloat. These fenders are strong and reliable with smooth seamless construction.

In the summer pretty much any fender will do. However, as the season draws in, when you tend to get to the boat less often, you really need a fender that you can rely on. It's no good worrying whether your fenders have burst when that gale roars through.

We done a bit of testing and come to the conclusion that these heavy duty fenders by Polyform in Norway are the most robust. The tops and bottoms are solid whereas many fenders are hollow at this crucial point. We could sell you a cheaper fender and make a bigger margin but we want to supply you with a product that won't let you down when the going gets rough.