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These lightweight Ortlieb Water Bags make a great alternative to rigid plastic containers. Ideal for increasing water capacity on long ocean voyages. They can easily squeeze into otherwise useless space and once they are empty they can be tucked away freeing up even more space. The compact Ortlieb Water Bag features tough straps for fixing them to stringers so they don’t move around when tacking. They are made of tear-resistant and watertight fabric. Food grade coating on the inside ensures safe transport of your water. The 10 litre versions can be easily fixed to a bulkhead or boom for a shower thanks to the two handles being provided with buckles.

If you keep your boat on a swinging mooring then these water bags are indispensable. You can tuck the empty one into your travel bag and fill it up at the harbourside tap. There’s no longer any need to drag big rigid containers around.

Arthur Beale Says

Do not over tighten the big cap. We recommend smearing a little Vaseline to the thread and then gently hand tighten it. If you over tighten the cap so that it jams, do not try to loosen the cap with boiling water as it will affect the glue bond, or to put it more bluntly the whole cap will come off in your hand!  


Camping shower | Seat or head pillow | Weight for paragliding | Buoyancy means for diving | Can be combined with outdoor filters for water purification | Can be combined with the drinking tube for use as a hydration system

Technical Specifications
Volume Height Width Weight
10 L 440 mm 360 mm 160 g

All water containers are suited for water only (max. temperature 60°C/140°F). Do not use for alcoholic, sweet or acid liquids. Do not expose drinking water too long to the heat. Change water regularly. Store dry and open. Clean inside with denture cleaning tablets. Clean outside with warm water, brush and neutral soap. Clean the valve regularly.


Technical Data Sheet

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