Octoplait Polyester Anchor Warp


Size: 10 mm
Colour: Black
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There is some debate about the preferred rope to use for anchor warps. The old school of thought was to go for nylon because of its high stretch properties and marginal extra strength. However nylon has some disadvantages and we believe this construction of 8 strand octoplait polyester makes a superior anchor and long mooring warp. Nylon tends to stiffen over age and it also loses up to 10% of its strength when it is wet. Nylon does stretch more than polyester but the construction of this rope will ensure over 15% working stretch which is more than adequate to prevent snubbing. This non-kinking rope is best just flaked down into a locker or carry bag as it will pay out easily without the need for labourious coiling down. It is very easy to splice onto chain.

Main Features
  • Soft and easy to handle
  • Good stretch
  • Easy to splice to chain
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Non kinking
  • UV stable
Main Uses
  • Long shore lines
  • Anchor warps.
Breaking Loads
10 mm 1700 kg
12 mm 2400 kg
14 mm 3700 kg
16mm 4700 kg
18 mm 5800 kg
20 mm 7600 kg
24 mm 11000 kg

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