Kong Anchor Connector


Size: 6 - 8 mm
Type: Swivel
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The Kong anchor connector is made of high quality stainless steel AISI 316.

Kong Stainless steel swivel anchor connector features:

  • The swivel anchor connector is great for reducing chain twist when trying to bring an anchor to the surface
  • Allows the anchor to swivel independently and the connector to ride smoothly over the bow roller
  • Designed to go over bow rollers and pass through hawse pipes without snagging
  • Sleek, slim, snag-free profile

Kong Stainless steel fixed anchor connector features:

  • Slim profile
  • Non-swivelling
  • Snag-free passage over bow rollers and through hawsepipes 
Type Kong Chain Size  Jaw Width on Anchor End  Kong Break Load Straight Kong Safe Working Load Lateral Compatibility

6 - 8 mm Swivel

6-8mm 16mm 2500kg 850kg 6mm,7mm

6 - 8 mm Fixed

6-8mm - 2500kg 850kg
6mm, 7mm 
8-12 mm Swivel
8-12mm 5000kg 2000kg 8mm, 10mm

8-12 mm Fixed

8-12mm - 5000kg 2000kg 8mm, 10mm


Kong Chain Size = the chain sizes that fit on the chain end, not the anchor end
MBL = Manufacturer (Kong) straight Break Load
MWL = Manufacturer (Kong) lateral Safe Working Load
Compatibility = reasonable compatibility with Grade 40 chain break load

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