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Bow Shackle Bronze (Harp Shackle)

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These British Made shackles are forged from manganese bronze for strength and resilience to corrosion. Our shackles have a polished finish. The approximate working load limit is cast onto the body of the shackle. It is stated in British long or imperial hundredweight (cwt) which is 112 lbs or 50.8 kg. The working load limit is based on a safety factor of 4 to 1.

Use Bow shackles when more than one line is being attached to the body of the shackle.  Use Dee shackles for single point lifting.

Breaking Loads
 Diameter Approx. Breaking Load
5 mm 400 kg
6 mm 800 kg
8 mm  1200 kg
10 mm 1600 kg