D Shackle Stainless Steel


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D Shackles are used to join a single wire, chain or rope to an anchor point or to each other. To join more than one wire, a Bow Shackle should be selected. These screw pin shackles are designed to be used when fastening and unfastening is reasonably frequent. If they are being left for extended periods, then the pin should be tightened and finally secured with some Monel Seizing Wire. Alternatively choose a Bolt Type Shackle.

When using a shackle it is very important it is able to articulate in the direction of the load. Shackles should be inspected before every use and at regular intervals. Checks should be made for wear, twisting, cracks and corrosion. A little Lanoguard (Anhydrous Lanolin) on the threads will safeguard against seizing.

The stainless steel used in these shackles is marine grade 316 (A4)

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