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Copper Ferrule Code (EN 13411-3) - for Stainless Steel Wire Rope

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These ferrules comply with EN 13411-3. These copper ferrules are suitable for stainless steel wire ropes. We still have limited stocks of ferrules to the old British Standard BS 5281. When using ferrules to terminate a wire rope it is crucial to ensure the ferrule correctly matches the wire rope. Great care must be taken because wire ropes with a steel core use a larger ferrule than those with a fibre core. Arthur Beale only list steel core wire ropes. The dies on the crimping machine must be perfectly aligned. A good compression will produce a thin fin on either side of the ferrule which should be easy to remove normally with one stroke of a file. The tail of the wire must be visible at the end of the ferrule, either flush or slightly protruding. The ferrules finished diameter should be measured to ensure it complies with the regulations. Take care not to allow the ferrule to touch the thimble, there should be a little room for movement.

Die Code  Suits Fibre Core Suits Steel Core Diameter After Compression Length After Compression
2.5 2.5 mm 2 mm 5 mm 12 mm
3 3 mm 2.5 mm 6 mm 14 mm
3.5 3.5 mm 3 mm 7 mm 16 mm
4 mm 3.5 mm 8 mm 18 mm
4.5 4.5 mm 4 mm 9 mm 20 mm
5 5 mm 4.5 mm 10 mm 23 mm
6 6 mm 5 mm 12 mm 27 mm
6.5 6.5 mm 6 mm 13 mm 29 mm
8 8 mm 7 mm 16 mm 36 mm
9 9 mm 8 mm 18 mm 40 mm