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Commercial Galvanised Wire Rope Grip (DIN 741)

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Wire Rope Grips are often called "Bulldog Clips" or just “Dogs”. They provide a simple and effective means of making a loop or a thimble eye in wire rope. They consist of a U-bolt, bridge [also known as the “saddle”] and two hex nuts. The U-bolt should be fitted over the non-load bearing [short] tail of the loop [also known as the “dead” end, hence “dead horse”]; the bridge over the load bearing longer part.

Remembered by the mnemonic: “Never saddle a dead horse”.

The hex nuts should be tightened equally. It is best to use a nutspinner as the nuts can be fiddly with a spanner. The grips will settle after a while so they should be retightened the following day to ensure the tightness chosen is maintained. Any PVC covering to wire rope must be stripped before applying the dogs.

For heavier loads and when lifting always use grips to EN 13411-5 [DIN 1142] or Crosby Grips. Lifting operations should always be carried out by a competent qualified person.

Wire Diameter
Nut Size
3 - 4 mm 7 mm
5 mm 8 mm
8 mm 10 mm