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Classic Pre-Stretched Braid on Braid Polyester

£1.12 per metre
Colour: Classic
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This polyester rope has been heat set and pre-stretched to minimise working stretch. It has a very solid feel making it ideal for winching operations. The breaking load of this rope is considerable higher than the soft matt polyester ropes which also helps to reduce stretch under normal loading. For a braided rope it is easy to splice and because of its low stretch and resistance to wear it makes it the perfect choice for halyards on any classic yacht.

Main Features
  • Lower stretch and higher strength than most polyester ropes
  • Traditional colour
  • Long lasting
  • Tends to hold knots less well than soft matt polyester ropes
Main Uses
  • Classic Yacht Halyards
  • Winching operations on board or in industry
  • Ropes subjected to high loads
  • Hauling lines requiring little stretch
Breaking Loads
6 mm 1350 kg
8 mm 2000 kg
10 mm 3150 kg
12 mm 4300 kg
14 mm 6000 kg
16 mm 7250 kg