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Artificial Hemp Three Strand Polypropylene

£0.41 per metre
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Often refered to as Hempex or Hardy Hemp. This very popular economically priced rope is extremely hard to tell from real hemp. It feels and looks identical yet has the major advantage of being rot proof and unaffected by water. For these reasons it is often chosen as a decorative rope and is widely used by the film and theatre industries. It is also probably the easiest rope to splice as the strands are heat set and remain in shape when the rope is split apart. It is a very lightweight line which means it will float on water making it perfect for applications such as dinghy painters and river boat mooring warps which won’t get tangled in your prop, mooring bridles which need to be picked up on the water and for throw lines. It is also has excellent insulation properties so it is ideal for hauling lines in close proximity to high voltage cables. Technical Specification: Stretch approximately 5% at 20% of breakload.

Main Features
  • Floats
  • Excellent insulation properties
  • Looks identical to real hemp
  • Economically priced
  • UV treated
  • Traditional look
  • Good knot holding
  • Rot proof
  • Soft feel
  • Very easy to splice
Main Uses
  • Rescue lines
  • Decorative ropes
  • Dinghy painters
  • Garden fencing
  • Handrail ropes
  • Barrier ropes
  • Floating mooring and pick-up lines
  • General purpose rope for Scouts etc.
  • Hauling lines near high voltages
  • Film and theatre industries needing a traditional looking rope
  • Splicing instruction
  • Swimming pool lane barriers
Breaking Loads
4 mm 200 kg
6 mm 360 kg
8 mm 600 kg
10 mm 900 kg
12 mm 1340 kg
14 mm 1740 kg
16 mm 2180 kg
18 mm 2730 kg
20 mm 3420 kg
24 mm 4830 kg
32 mm 10400 kg
48 mm 16000 kg



Arthur Beale Artificial Hemp Datasheet