What a ropey year that was!

2020 certainly gave us a bumpy ride!

Thanks for hanging on, we seem to have made it through to the New Year without losing our rigging.

I hope you are all well and taking care of yourselves.

Strangely enough we have been rather busy. The first lockdown gave us the opportunity, and indeed the time, to completely overhaul our systems. Out went the old clunky computers and in came one big sleek integrated system. Now we are all singing from the same song sheet. It is all cloud based now. If only we could get bronze iPads in varnished teak boxes, then I’d be really happy.

The newly designed website has been so successful that we had to take a little pause before Christmas to try to catch up! We just weren’t expecting so many orders from all around the world and to be frank, we weren’t really set up logistically to deal with it.

It has been a tricky year to get organised as it has been so unpredictable. We couldn’t afford to buy loads of stock to cover all eventualities, so we ordered a bit lean, but you were keen, and caught us out!

Getting the staff levels correct to cope for the high demand was difficult too. It was not helped when some staff needed to self-isolate during crucial periods. We also wanted to try to operate the shop with London based staff who could cycle to work but that wasn’t so easy. The staff we had, needed to work double hard to keep up, so a big thanks to them.

The task for the New Year is to sort out all the various procedures so that we can provide a top-notch service to match our lovely new website. 

Hopefully, that will be in place soon, ready for us to supply all your gear super-efficiently so that you can get your boats ship-shape for a great sailing season in 2021.

I think we all deserve it!

Happy New Year and Bon Courage!


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