Arthur Beale’s has received its first ever on-line order. Yes, despite not even having a website a few months ago, we now have on-line sales. Not only that, but it actually works! We have just sold a beautiful Norwegian Devold Thermo Jacket. It goes to show the quality of the customers we are attracting because these are truly great pure wool tops which will keep you toasty warm even in the Arctic Wastelands of Walton on the Naze during a Beastly Easterly.

The website does actually have Bells on it but the Whistles are yet to come. Indeed we shouldn’t raise your expectations too high at this stage because although it functions well we haven’t had the time to upload everything yet. So far there is only a tiny fraction of our extensive stock available. You will find most of our Devold clothing, all of our books and most of our charts, our flags and a fair chunk of Barton’s pulleys. Every week there will be more and more.

We are still deliberating regarding the best shipping company to use for “Ugly Freight” so we have refrained from uploading liquids and heavy gear. The good news is that the delivery is currently FREE but it can’t last for ever.

We intend to offer a first class service so if you do catch us out by ordering stock that has sold out we will get on the blower to you super quick to hopefully offer a suitable alternative.

Of course nothing beats a visit to our lovely shop but on-line sales are a handy alternative for those who would rather not head into the big smoke.


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