Steve Harvey

We are sorry to bring the sad news that Steve Harvey died recently having not recovered from a planned heart operation. All the staff at Arthur Beale will greatly miss Steve’s great talent and his cheery demeanour. Steve was an expert rope worker, highly respected in the industry and much loved by our clients. He loved his work, both chatting to clients about their projects and carrying out the intricate ropework in our characterful basement.

Maybe less well known was Steve’s love of comic poetry. He has had a book published called "A Taste of Parodies" and would often make up short poems as mnemonics or simply to cheer up the staff. He was a huge fan of Gilbert and Sullivan and could probably recite most of the songs by memory.

Steve loved teaching others and really enjoyed our “Splicing Evenings”. He was always happy to pass on his skills to anyone who was interested and in that respect his talents will live on amongst all those lucky enough to have picked up his skills.

Arthur Beale will organise and evening in his memory. Details of his funeral are yet to be announced.
Anyone wishing to attend Steve’s funeral or our memorial evening should drop an email to or leave their details with any member of staff.

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