Arthur Beale's New Sailors' Smocks

Our new smocks have arrived and they are selling like hot cakes! We wanted a decent piece of workwear that we could sell at a moderate price. A smock that was tough and very practical but something that wouldn't make you go berserk if it got a splash of anti-fouling on it.
So now we have a Sailors' Smock made from tough natural sailcloth which will improve with age. The canvas cuts out chilly wind so they are great over a tee shirt in the summer or a pullover in the winter. There are two large pockets on the front to keep small tools to hand. We have added a tough loop sewn into the side seem so you can attach a lanyard or even hook on a multi-tool. To prevent your glasses or phone from getting scratched from all your kit there is even an easy to access inside pocket. Furthermore we actually supply you with a 6" patch of matching cloth so you can add your own special pocket or make running repairs!
The collar keeps the sun off your neck and stops chafing from the lifejacket straps. There is a little red ensign sewn into the pocket seem to show the garment is made in Britain and the famous Arthur Beale boat logo features in a small badge on the sleeve.
You might find you are wearing your smock more often than you'd imagine!

Available in S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Only £45.00 including VAT.

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