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Article: Our New Rope Reference Catalogue has been Launched!

Our New Rope Reference Catalogue has been Launched!

Our New Rope Reference Catalogue has been Launched!

Call in at the shop and pick up a copy or you can download it here:

Download Here

Its not just a pricelist, it is packed with useful information guiding you to the best rope for your task. The catalogue is organised chronologically starting with the same natural fibres that Arthur Beale used to make rope 400 or 500 years ago. Towards the end you will find the modern high performance ropes made from Dyneema, Technora or blends of fibres. So whether you are a dinghy racer or a traditional boat enthusiast we will have the very best rope for you.

Just because we are based in the centre of London doesn't mean we are expensive either. In fact you may find we are considerably cheaper than many online based retailers but you can be assured the rope you will receive will be of the very finest quality.

Its all now available to buy online too.

We hope that you will enjoy reading the Reference Catalogue. We would really appreciate any comments so we can continuously improve the following editions.

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