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If you are at a loose end this evening.....

If you are at a loose end this evening.....

....where better to be than at Arthur Beale's cool basement celebrating the launch of our brand new Rope Reference Catalogue! It will be a very ropey evening indeed. You can collect your new Rope Reference Catalogues whilst sipping a very special rum punch. I say "special" because I know the ingredients are rum, cane syrup and lime juice and I know the ratio is 3,2,1 but I'm not sure which order they are in. By the way, the rum will be Fair Transport Rum which was sailed across the Atlantic on the ship Tres Hombre and then sailed across the North Sea on my little boat - so it is very enviromentally sound. There will be wine, beer and soft drinks too but they came by road. OK I suppose we had better get some nibbles too.
So call in after 6 pm on Thursday evening 20th June and have a drink on us. I might say a few words at about 7 pm if the rum hasn't taken hold. We will round things off at 8 pm. Hopefully see some of you there!

PS: I'm not sure why the picture is lying on its side - maybe it is predictive of the state we will be after after the rum?

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