Relax with us at the Beale Park Boat Show 3rd - 5th June
The Beale Park Boat Show is the antedote to the Scottish Islands Peaks Race. There will be no running, just strolling, mooching or ambling about. I'm even going to take a fold up chair! Tomorrow I'll go to Decathlon and buy a really naff tent with a porch and a stand up bedroom area and I'll get a pinic table too. It will be the kind of tent that I'd rather not be seen dead in but I'm going to chill out eating nice food and supping beers in the evenings. I'll be so laid back that I'll be generally horizontal. During the day I'll perk up just a little bit and chat with anyone who ambles past our stand. Maybe we will sell a few Tilley Hats, Breton Tops, Bronze Cleats or perhaps a really nice book. We will be doing some splicing demonstrations where, for a small fee, you can join us and learn to make your dog a new lead with a nice clip and comfy handle. If you haven't got a dog, that doesn't matter. Just carry the lead and people will think that you have a dog and won't think you are just weird wandering around by yourself.

So if you need to wind down a bit come along to Beale Park Boat Show on Friday 3rd June until Sunday 5th June. There's loads to do but please don't rush around, just take it very very slowly, like me.

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