Come and watch an East Coast Feature Film Tonight (Thursday 9th)!

This film was highly recommended by Marc who has sneakily ended up being unable to attend the showing. Sadly, if you don't like the film, you'll have no one to throw your tomatoes at in the traditional manner. Don't worry though, I have watched it just in case there were any really dodgy bits and I actually enjoyed it. There are a few cheesy scenes but you soon relax into the story. Pin Mill looks just the same and there are some excellent sailing shots. The maintenance work on the old boat isn't too convincing but that adds to the charm.

Why not come along on Thursday? We will start the film at as close to 18:45 as we can. It will be shown in the gorgeous church hall at the back of St Giles in the Fields Church but people normally gather in the shop first and we walk over the road like French school children. We make a small £5.00 charge but if you lash out on something costing £15.00 or more in the shop then you get the entrance waived. Don't try climbing in the windows as the sash cords are very old and the falling frame could take your head off.

​No doubt we will end up in the boozer afterwards!

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