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Article: Look what we've just found!

Look what we've just found!

Look what we've just found!

Downstairs at Arthur Beale we have been having a bit of a clear up. We are trying to make The Blobby Room more presentable to customers. The Blobby Room is self explanatory in that it is the room where blobby things live. In particular paint, mastics, adhesives, lamp oil, and that kind of blobby stuff. There is some product creep but generally if its blobby its in the blobby room. Who needs location barcodes when you have a system like that! Behind a board and some old shelves we uncovered a beautiful original fire place, a bit worse for wear, but well worth showing off. So the next time you need a tube of Sikaflex you may be asked into the delightful Blobby Room.

Next on the cards is going to be "Galvanized City" in one of our arched vaults running under Shaftesbury Avenue. That is very much work in progress but it will be full of anchors, chain, shackles and anything galvanised. Maybe we should have an opening party!

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