Arthur Beale is moving into the Twentieth Century

Blimey, the Twenty First Century already - what happened to the last one!

While you may have had your feet up in the relaxing furlough position, we have been beavering away on a "Moonshot" IT project. And when I say "we", that doesn't really include me as I am pretty hopeless with all things cloud based, unless it involves spotting the cumulonimbus rolling in and tucking in a reef.

On a recent interrupted Zoom meeting I was told to move my router nearer to the laptop to help improve the reception. I couldn't really see how it would help, but I did as I was told. Indeed it didn't help but when I was told to ensure the router was turned on, then things just went from bad to worse. I couldn't hear a thing and there was a terrible smell of burning wood. So now I steer clear of the clever stuff and specialise in idiot proofing. 

As this blog is on the new website you may have noticed that we have a 


At this stage we are giving it a soft introduction because we haven't actually finished it yet. We probably never will, as there is still an awful lot to do. Nevertheless, the experts are all busy uploading, tweaking, correcting, refining and adding the bells and whistles while I use my specialist skill by idiot proofing it. 

We will make a big hoo-ha when we decide to officially open the website, probably to a massed gathering of six, but already it has some great advantages over the old steam powered website. For example:

  • It shows our current stock holding. So you can check the stock before you visit the shop or place your order
  • All the images and data are gradually being improved. Hopefully you have already noticed the cleaner design while you browse
  • We now only have just one integrated system. It will save our staff time so they can concentrate on helping you
  • There is smoother check out, especially if you are a returning customer
  • Ultimately there will be linked products to save you having to search for thinner when you buy your paint, or bronze screws when you buy a bronze fairlead

You should be able to browse through all our products, download the data sheets, check the sizes and find out if we have it in stock, all with your feet up. 

We hope you enjoy it, but do come back - it will just get better and better!





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