Tentative steps - but Arthur Beale is opening up!
I hope you are all keeping well and have succeeded in getting afloat somehow this summer.

It is still quiet in the West End with most of the offices still shut but we are slowly opening up. Our staff are in from Monday to Friday fulfilling all the internet orders and the shop doors are flung open from 11:00 TILL 16:00 WEEKDAYS. During the week we are also catching up on staff training. Ah, you may ask, why do we need more staff training? Well, that is because behind the scenes we have been busy installing a completely NEW system!

It is very exciting for us because we will now be operating with JUST ONE INTEGRATED SYSTEM. There will be no more tedious doubling up of work with internet sales needing to be transferred to our point of sale system and there will be great advantages for you too!
  1. Our shop staff will be using the same system as you will use to buy online – so if there are any problems they will get sorted pretty quickly!
  2. The stock will be LIVE! If it is showing stock online, it should be ready to dispatch immediately - or you can reserve it and collect from the shop.
  3. We can devote the time saved from dealing with dual systems to making the website really functional with extra data, better images and videos.
  4. Currently only about half our stock is loaded online but once our new system goes live everything will be there, offering you LOADS MORE CHOICE!
There is still lots of work to do and it will be an ongoing process of continuous improvement, but we intend to launch the new website in September. We are already operating the new system successfully in the shop.

Soon we will get the shop back to opening for six days a week and coupled with the new system with its new website we should be set for a very exciting future.

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