20,000 Leagues Under The Sea - Film Show Thursday 6th December 18:45 to 20:45

We finally made up our dithering minds and decided to maintain the underwater theme set by our award winning* shop window by chosing "20,000 Leagues under the Sea" for our Christmas Film. It has to be said that 20,000 leagues is a very long way down. In fact, not only would my dive watch start leaking, but you would pop out the other side. However, let's not get pedantic, it's a great film and it is the first ever example of Steam Punk. I doubt I can back that up with evidence but I'm sure I read it somewhere. The film is definitely a Disney classic starring Kirk Douglas (wearing red and white stripey top and Breton Cap) and James Mason (wearing roll neck pullover). We are hoping that by the time the film ends you will be brainwashed into feeling the need to own such clothing and we know just where you can buy it!
As the film is 127 minutes long, if we actually play it at the right speed, we think it is only fair to offer a swift hot chocolate half way through. Feel free to bring a mug. We know a great place where....

Arthur Beale will rob you of a fiver for the pleasure of attending (although we will refund it if you spend £15.00 in the shop). Please send us an email talks@arthurbeale.co.uk to reserve your place. Don't leave it too late, the Arthur Beale Christmas Films often sell out!

* That is basically a lie, we never win anything!

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