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Understanding Yacht Design

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A great book on yacht design for novice designers who want to use pencil and paper or CAD; boat owners who wish to modify their hull, rig, deck layout or accomodation; and those looking to buy.

By: Ian Nicolson

How to design sailing and power yachts. Beginning with a rough sketch, Ian Nicolson explains how to draw the boat's lines by traditional methods and by computer. He covers materials and construction techniques, simple calculations, sail plans, deck plans, engines and cabin layouts.

Finally he looks at costs, modifications and the expected performance of the boat.

This book is great for novice designers who want to use pencil and paper or Computer Aided Design. Most of the maths has been replaced by simple rules of thumb. It is equally useful for boat owners who want to modify the hull, rig, deck layout or accommodation. It is invaluable to boat buyers who want to ask questions like: “How will she sail?”; “How much will she cost?”; “How easy is it to change things?” and “How can I reduce or increase sail area without upsetting the balance?”. So, if you are any of the above, or simply have an interest in yacht design, this is the book for you!