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Solder Seal Kit - Butane Soldering & Hotknife Kit

SKU TOL11220
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Rope Seal Hot Knife & Soldering Kit - A 3-in-1 cordless, butane-powered, soldering iron, rope cutter & heat gun kit. Supplied in a rigid plastic case the kit includes: Cordless soldering iron with 1.6mm conical tip, Mini wrench, 2.4mm chisel tip, Hot knife tip, Deflector tip, Coil of solder wire, Sponge, Cap.

- Piezo ignition
- Fully adjustable
- Refillable
- Operating Time: upto 60 mins
- Approx Temperature: Upto 400degC (Soldering iron), 450degC (Heat gun), 1300degC (Torch)