Anti-Chafe Polyester Tubing


Choose your size: 48-50 mm Lay-Flat - to suit ropes up to 25 mm diameter
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This black lay-flat polyester woven tubing is immensely strong and has great resistance to wear. Inserting a short length prior to making an eye splice in your mooring ropes will greatly increase their lifespan. Alternatively a piece can be slid along the warp to protect against wear at the fairlead or dockside wall. A short piece of cord can be attached by making a small hole in the tubing so that it can be secured in place on the warp.

It measures 48-50 mm when laid flat and will slide easily around ropes up to 25 mm diameter.

If the ends are hemmed and stitched closed, this tubing can be filled with lead or steel shot to make a handy weight bag for retrieving halyards.

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