Ways to Stay Safe
This should definitely keep the virus out! Actually this is Lex in his diving gear last summer. He had seen our famous Beerenberg Roll Neck Pullover and thought it would be just the thing to keep warm during cold winter dives but sadly the roll neck wouldn't work with all the gear. Well Lex is now as happy as a sandbag as he has recently received our new Erebus Boat Neck Pullover. Its made from the wool from Black Welsh Mountain Sheep which is not dyed or processed so it retains the natural lanolin. He has been wearing it on deck and under his dry suit and says "its the warmest I have been".

The good news for you is we have just added them to our "Save Arthur Beale" stock at the reduced price of £99.00! Just enter our "Shop" and find the "Save Arthur Beale" section where every item is reduced in price. We have added stock control so you can see how many we have left.

Don't hang around because we won't be able to get more stock for a few months at least!

Take care, but maybe no need to wear all that diving gear for your expedition to Tescos!

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