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Article: The Ashley Book of Knots – by Clifford W Ashley

The Ashley Book of Knots – by Clifford W Ashley

The Ashley Book of Knots – by Clifford W Ashley

It is back!

It amazes me that it ever goes out of print but I think it has happened a few times. I reckon it is a cunning ploy to get people like us to put “It is back!” on our blogs. After all I don’t suppose “It is still here” is very newsworthy.
I suppose everyone knows the book, but just in case someone has actually managed to get through life without stumbling across the epic then - This is the Bible of Knots.

First published in 1944 and reprinted many times. This new edition has been fully updated by Geoffrey Budworth and other members of the International Guild of Knot Tyers.
It describes every practical knot, what it looks like, where it comes from, and how to tie it. The book includes 3,800 knots and 7,000 drawings, with all the varieties of shipboard knots as well as knots used by butchers, steeplejacks, electric linesmen, knitters, cobblers, surgeons, poachers and cowboys.

As brilliant as it is as a reference book, please don’t buy it to learn how to tie knots as some of the illustrations will make you feel dizzy before you go totally berserk. Besides, if it fell off your lap it could crush your toes. Best leave it at home on a stout coffee table and browse it for inspiration.
Arthur Beale have a great selection of knot tying books which are beautifully illustrated to actually help you to tie the knots.
My favourite is the RYA Knots, Splices and Ropework which is very clear and comprehensive. Or why not buy an “Arthur Beale Practice Your Knots Kit” which includes the staff favourite little book “Knots and Splices” at a bargain price.
It is always best to visit our shop if you can so we can try to sell you something you never realised that you needed but if you prefer to avoid that risk then you can buy online and we even give you FREE carriage! Click here to go to the Knots and Splicing section of our online shop

Get tying!

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