St Katharine Docks Classic Boat Festival is all over!

You've missed it! We had a great time at St Katharines over the weekend with our stripey Arthur Beale stand. The forecast was a bit dodgy so we didn't take too much gear in case we had to have a mad scramble to get it all covered up during the rain showers but there weren't any rain showers and it was positively sunny on Saturday afternoon. Sunday was a bit nippy and so we managed to sell some of our koselig Norwegian jumpers to shivering visitors in their tee shirts. We also had our new cut out display. The Arthur Beale Seafaring Character was painted by the talented Bea Turner (no relation) and was very popular. I even had a go! The best picture posted to Instagram will win a £25.00 Gift Token but apparently I can't enter which seems a bit unfair. And yes, Arthur Beale's actually has an Instagram account thanks to my nephew insisting that we must keep up with the times - maybe he has read Alvin Tofler's Future Shock!

I managed to get away from the stand for a bit to visit the ship called George Stephenson. It was totally unbelievable! The ship has been made from salvaged parts of old ships, bridges, and steam engines. I've never seen so many valves in my life. There is nothing I could say to describe the work that has gone into this ship, if you get the opportunity to visit then you simply must go.

There were lots of other beautiful yachts, barges and commercial boats in the dock to rest your eyes on. Sadly I didn't have time to bring my little yacht up the Thames to join in the fun but next year I hope make it. The jolity of the day was helped along by Sea Shanties, The National Youth Jazz Orchestra and a full orchestra all the way from Holland!

I don't suppose we made any money but we met loads of people, old friends and new, and we enjoyed ourselves so that's the most important thing. Try to get along next year if you can. You can see our review of the show on the great website plus there is a short video showing the George Stephenson engine in action. Following Intheboatshed is a freat way to keep in touch with events around the East Coast.

If you are at a lose end this coming weekend then we will be at the Greenwich Yacht Club Open Weekend with a very ropey art exhibit. Still not totally sure what it will be yet but inspiration will come when the adrenaline builds up. Greenwich Yacht Club has amazing facilities so this would be the ideal time to visit especially if you are considering joining an active yacht club with lots of friendly sailors. Maybe see you there!


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